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Heating Knee Pad

Heating Knee Pad

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Experience Instant Relief with Our Electric Knee Pad

Say goodbye to knee pain and discomfort with our fast-heating electric knee pad. Designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, it provides ultra-comfy hot therapy for arthritis pain relief, injury recovery, and muscle soreness relief, keeping your knees warm and flexible.

Key Features:

Fast-Heating Technology:
- Heats in seconds to provide immediate relief, ensuring quick and efficient hot therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery.

Versatile Usage:
- Can be used on knees, calfs, thighs, and arms to relieve muscle soreness, cramps, and fatigue, offering comprehensive pain relief and relaxation.

Comfortable Design:
- Designed with comfort in mind, our knee pad ensures a comfortable experience, allowing for extended use without discomfort.

Function of the Knee Heating Pad:
- Relieves knee pains associated with arthritis, bursitis, strains, sprains, and various knee injuries.
- Aids in knee injury or surgery recovery, promoting faster healing and rehabilitation.
- Provides relief for leg or arm muscle fatigue, soreness, and cramps.
- Maintains knee warmth, ideal for cold weather or after physical activities.
- Suitable for any situation that requires hot compress therapy.

Built-In Mesh Bag for Cold Compress:
- Features a built-in mesh bag (13.5*18cm) for cold compress therapy. Simply insert an ice bag if needed for cold therapy.

Heat Setting Temperature Parameters:
- Highest (Red): Temp reaches 111.2℉/44℃, providing intense heat for long-term use.
- Medium (White): Temp reaches 105.8℉/41℃, offering warm therapy for extended periods.
- Lowest (Blue): Temp reaches 100.4℉/38℃, providing lukewarm therapy, suitable for milder discomfort.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our Electric Knee Pad. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing arthritis pain, or seeking relief from muscle soreness, our knee pad is your go-to solution for comfortable and effective therapy.
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